The Open Research SharePoint site is a resource for University of Dundee staff and studentsthat provides information on Open Research as well as practical guides on 

The Open Research SharePoint is updated regularly with developments in Open Research such as research funder requirements, policy updates and new Open Access publishing opportunities. 

Altmetric at Dundee

Find out who's talking about your research online in our LibGuide.

  • Altmetrics (or Alternative metrics) can be used to measure how scholarly articles are being shared, used and discussed in social media.
  • Altmetrics complement traditional metrics such as 'times cited' counts displayed in databases like Web of Science and Scopus.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

The Library and Learning Centre can now provide researchers with a DOI for their publications or datasets.  The LLC has a subscription to CrossRef which enables the generation of DOIs for publications, and also with DataCite, which provides the same service for datasets.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Find out about these topics in our LibGuide:

  • What is Intellectual property?
  • Who owns copyright?
  • What is third party copyright, who do I contact to reuse someone's work?
  • What about commercial potential?


Why all researchers should have an Open Researcher and Contributor ID, and how you can get one.

Predatory or bogus journals, publishers and conferences 

Find out more in our LibGuide about predatory publishing, bogus conferences, and what you can do to avoid your research falling into these traps.

Research assessment and the responsible use of metrics

The San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA), of which the University of Dundee is a signatory, requires that organisations embrace the principles which underpin the Responsible Use of Metrics. Find out more about what should be done to ensure that metrics are used to evaluate research responsibly.


Learn more about Pivot-RP the University's research funder database provider.


Recording your research outcomes for RCUK using Researchfish.