Predatory Open access journals are on the rise - launch of an online tool to help researchers avoid being caught

Launched on 1st October 2015, Think. Check. Submit. is a new industry-wide initiative that provides a checklist of quality indicators that can help researchers identify if a journal is a trustworthy place to submit their research. The tool is available at the following link. The launch of the campaign coincides with the publication of a new longitudinal study in BMC Medicine by Cenyu Shen and Bo-Christer Björk which highlights the increasing number of publications that fail to meet many of the characteristics outlined in the Think. Check. Submit.check list. ...

BoB National major update complete

Library study centre

BoB National has undergone the first major update since January 2014. The main purpose of the update was to move the system onto an upgraded platform with new features including: 1. A faster, more responsive website. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes to ensure  iOS device users have a much improved interface. The desktop experience is better too.  2. Run Workflow. A new feature available with administrator approval that allows users to create an iOS friendly version of programmes that previously would not play on mobile devices.  3. Customise MyBoB. Users can arrange Program...

Discontinuation of Serviced Photocopying service

Library book covers

Please note that, with effect from 18th September, our Serviced Photocopying service is discontinued. Photocopiers, printers and scanning facilities are available in all of our libraries for your own use. If you need a copy from a ‘reference only’ item and are unable to visit the site where it is located, please contact or telephone 01382 384087....

LLC new website launch on Thursday 3rd September

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Our new website will be launched on Thursday 3rd September.  We hope the new site will be easier to navigate and find what you need.  Feedback is always welcome so please do have a look and let us know what you think.  Any comments or questions can be sent to

Spare Rib enters the digital age

RIB news magazine cover

Spare Rib enters the digital age: all 239 editions of the landmark feminist magazine published online for the first time Spare Rib was an active part of the emerging women’s liberation movement in the late 20th century. Running from 1972 – 93, this now iconic magazine challenged the stereotyping and exploitation of women, while supporting collective, realistic solutions to the hurdles women faced. Spare Rib became the debating chamber of feminism in the UK, and it now provides a valuable insight into the lives of women in this period [from the British Library's dedicated site  http:...