Win *all* the books you'll need for Uni

National Book Tokens recently launched a campaign that will be of interest to our students. The campaign invites families of 16 to 24-year-olds to nominate them to win £1,000/€1,200 of National Book Tokens to spend on books, such as all their university textbooks and required reading. Young people can nominate themselves, too. The entrant also gets a £50/€60 National Book Token.

National Book Tokens are perfect for students because they can only be spent on books, support local bookshops, are produced on FSC-certified board (instead of plastic), and enable students to choose just the right books for them, whether for study or reading for pleasure.  

This campaign declares that every young person needs books throughout education and beyond. National Book Tokens is also donating £250 to Young Minds, the leading charity fighting for young people’s mental health. We’ve also created a helpful reading guide entitled How to navigate life as a young adult and beyond: a survival guide in 42 brilliant books.

The prize draw closes Sunday 31st October. Those aged 16+ and in the United Kingdom or Ireland can enter and nominate someone age 16-24 (either themselves, or someone else).

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