Black History Month with Diversity Initiative & AfroMedics

The Diversity Initiative and AfroMedics are student led societies in the University of Dundee. Their remit covers the celebration and education of matters surrounding diversity and equality. This year they are celebrating Black History Month with a collection of fiction and factual texts and some videos. These resources are selected especially for their accessibility in helping introduce matters around race with a focus on black history. We invite you to have a look and engage with the discussions these resources will start.

This month we want to celebrate black artists, elevate black voices and learn invaluable lessons from black history. It is imperative that we don’t allow this month to go past without taking time to properly educate ourselves on the history of Black people. To help us do that, the students of the societies have collated a list of resources that will allow us properly to engage with relevant topics and issues. For each week of this month, they have designated a theme and will release a list of different resources in accordance with that theme. The themes for the month are:

Week 1: Reporting: The historical perspective of Black People.

Week 2: Relating: Putting History into context

Week 3: Reasoning: Lessons from lived experiences

Week 4: Reconstructing: Looking to the Future

At the end of the month, a full reading list will be sent out for further reading.

We hope you are able to fully immerse yourself in the richness of the content that is provided.

Week 1 content