REWIND Microcinema & Meditation Room

Rewind room news

Dual purpose room but priority booking for REWIND Microcinema


 ‘REWIND collection of Artists’ Video’. See for more information


a quiet place for relaxation and contemplation

Use these links to help with relaxation - 

one hour of breathing -

10 most relaxing songs in the world according to scientists -


For help and support with stress and anxiety, contact enquiry centre -



DJCAD Library


for individual or 2 persons only


Any time during DJCAD opening hours

Bookable by:

Current students and staff

Max Length:

4 hours per day (in half hour slots)
*priority booking for REWIND microcinema use*


REWIND collection of Artists' video
soft seating
yoga mats
(please do not use candles)

How to Book: