Kirkcaldy Library win Green Impact awards

Kirkcaldy Campus Library proudly accepts a series of Green Impact awards.  Over the last year, Kirkcaldy Campus Library has been working hard to ensure they are becoming as ‘green’ as they can be, and were awarded two awards for their hard work, Bronze and Most Bonus Actions Completed - complete with potted flowers.

Spearheaded by Courtney Claunch, Senior Library Assistant at Kirkcaldy Campus Library, the staff have been taking on-board the new green ideas wholeheartedly.  ‘We have been travelling to work in a more sustainable way, understanding the impact our actions and choices make upon the environment and how we can positively influence those around us to make more sustainable choices.  Personally, since becoming the Green Impact Champion, I have switched all my personal beauty and home cleaning products to more sustainable choices and while already a vegetarian, I have cut back on my dairy intake exponentially.  There are small, easy changes anyone can make, from cutting meat out of your diet a few days a week, to investing in tea towels and cloths instead of kitchen roll.  As a team member of the Kirkcaldy Campus Library, I am extremely proud of our hard work and our awards’.

Green Impact is a programme anyone can join, from societies to whole departments and schools, and both students and staff are encouraged to join.  It is designed to promote, understand and encourage sustainability and responsibility for our planet. 

Every year the teams are audited for an annual awards ceremony, which this year took place on a beautiful day in May, in the University Allotments on Miller’s Wynd.  Librarians Dawn Adams from Fife and Iain Gillespie from City Campus were there to accept the awards and represent the Fife team.

‘I would encourage anyone to get involved – not only is this a good way to get more people involved in sustainability, but this is a fantastic step in the right direction for the University to ensure we are at the forefront of sustainability’ said Courtney ‘the most important thing to remember is this is not black and white – a few small changes that last are much more effective than one large change that becomes too difficult to maintain.  But to remember, any change large or small is a step in the right direction’.

Why get involved?

    • Have a positive influence on reducing environmental impact within your workplace.
    • Develop a team and build new connections throughout your department.
    • Receive recognition for changes and improvements you are already making.
    • Great opportunity to improve on your professional and personal development.
    • The money saved through reducing energy costs can be reinvested in new technology and research.
    • An awards ceremony at the end of the year where you will receive your accredited awards.
    • Enhance your reputation within the University.
    • A sustainability award looks great on the CV!

More information, as well as how to join, can be found on the Estates and Buildings webpage here: