New mid-floor is now a quiet zone

Mid-floor News

You said - Can the new mid-floor be a Quiet Zone?

We did   - At the request of students we have made the new mid-floor a Quiet Zone.  This covers all open areas on this floor.  If you are not sure of what the difference is between our Silent, Quiet and General study zones please see our guide below.


Study Zones

A guide to the zoning of study spaces.


Silent study

For individual, silent study. Conversation, use of mobile phones and other noise disturbance should be kept to an absolute minimum at all times in these areas.


Quiet study

For both individual and group work. Please keep conversations, mobile phone calls and other interactions at a low volume to avoid disturbing others.


Group study

For both individual and collaborative working. Although some noise is inevitable in these areas, please be considerate to others and keep conversations and group work at a moderate level to reduce the impact on those working in adjacent study spaces.