Meet Erifyli our new intern

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Where and what are you currently studying?

I am currently a 4th year student at the Library Science and Information Systems Department of the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, in Greece. I have finished the theoretical part of my studies and I am currently undertaking a six month internship in the Library and Learning Centre of the University of Dundee, under the Erasmus+ Programme.


What are you working on at the Library & Learning Centre?

I am working on many interesting projects at the moment, such as revamping the library LibGuides. LibGuides are helpful subject tools where the librarians have collected a variety of resources that might be useful for each specific discipline. I am also helping out in the creation of an online membership form for the external users who want to join the library. Another exciting project I have taken up is the implementation of Google Analytics on the LibGuides website, so that the library is able to better understand its users and how they use the LibGuides. Sometimes I have “chat duty” where I answer questions from the users through the library’s online chat. I believe there will be many interesting things for me to do and look into during the six months that I’ll be here.


What have you learnt from your experience at the LLC?

My experience in the University of Dundee Library and Learning Centre has made me realize the importance of teamwork. Every day in the Library, the Librarians work on many different things in order to provide excellent service to the users and help them in whatever they might need. Most of the work done in the Library is now happening on the back-end and usually the users are not even aware of how many things are going on. Without teamwork and cooperation between librarians and the various departments, the Library would not have been as successful and useful as it is. I also learned the value of being organized and I am feeling inspired to do and achieve even more in the future.


What are your plans for the future?

After my internship in the University of Dundee Library is finished, I am thinking of applying for a second Erasmus internship in the Netherlands. In general, I would like to focus on academic libraries and the application of Semantic Web technologies on the field of Library Science. For that reason I am considering the possibility of undertaking a Masters Degree in Computer Science or some related field in the near future.