The Library & Learning Centre (LLC) values your feedback on our services.  Your comments and suggestions help us improve your library experience.   Your recent comments and our replies can be viewed here.  

Valentines Survey 2018

In February we conducted an informal survey asking library users to write a ‘love’ or ‘break-up’ letter to the library.


Library Responses 'Awesome' Mixed 'Do more' Blank
 119 (61%)
 29 (15%)
 40 (21%)
77 (53%)
25 (17%)
38 (26%)
5 (4%)
13 (86%)
1 (7%)
1 (7%)
18 (90%)
2 (10%)
11 (79%)
2 (14%)
1 (7%)

‌The majority of the comments we received were about the study spaces (34%) and the staff (35%) in each library. For the most part, they were very positive. The new features and rooms of the refurbished 1st floor of the Main Library received many favourable responses. The computers in our libraries (13%) received mixed feedback and our resources and facilities (14%) were included in many letters.  In general our users appear satisfied with the material and services we have available and 76% think we are awesome!

valentine letter box

All of the free text comments have been analysed and where appropriate relevant feedback has been referred to our Partners for further investigation and action.  A full analysis of this survey with recommendations and actions is available. LLC Valentine's survey analysis   The opinions of our users really matter to us.  All feedback is taken into consideration for future policy and planning for the Library and Learning Centre.


A selection of responses

Main Library

Main Library heart

Duncan of Jordanstone Library

DoJ heart

Robertson Trust Medical Library - Ninewells Hospital

Ninewells heart

Fife Campus Library

Fife Heart

A selection of our actions

Comment Action  Completed

"Blinds for postgrad suite as it is very bright and hard to see all morning"
(plus 2 similar comments)

Blinds to be fitted 6 March 2018

"Walk into level 1 a bit bright"
(plus 4 similar comments)

Review of all Main Library Lighting; Specific lights disconnected


"Plugs need to be repaired on group study tables"
(plus 1 similar comment)

A monthly schedule in place to check fuses and power sockets


"reserving desks at exam times by leaving their belongings"
(plus 1 similar comment)

New signage in Library sites 12 March 2018
"provide markers for the boards" Available

Please ask at the enquiry desk

"consider making Google Chrome the default browser"
(plus 1 similar comment)

Referred to our IT colleagues

If you set Google Chrome as your default browser, your profile remembers for the next time you login