On an annual basis we will undertake a comprehensive survey of all our users.  Questions will be asked about the library service overall and specifically about library staff, library resources, library facilities, library system, library communication and engagement.

Our first survey of all library members ran in January 2017.  The opinions of our customers really matter to us, as the results (Annual Survey 2017) of this and other feedback received feed in to future policy and planning for the Library and Learning Centre.

Our key results

The Question - How would you rate the overall quality of the service provided by the library?  where 1 = Poor and 5 = Excellent
The Result - 86% of respondents rated the library 4 or 5

survey - overall quality

The Question - In general, I am satisfied with the library service I receive
The Result - 89% of respondents strongly agree /agree

survey - satisfaction


The Question - Library Staff are available to respond to my questions
The Result - 94% of respondents strongly agree /agree

survey - staff


The Question - The library website enables me to locate information on my own
The Result - 89% of respondents strongly agree /agree

survey - website