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National Student Survey 2019

You have ranked us 1st in Scotland for library resources in this year's survey, with a score of 93% satisfaction.

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Our Actions

Computers and Software

*** Coming goon to the Main Library, 20 borrowable laptops. ***

Our colleagues from UoD IT provide the computers and software on the PCs in the library.  AppsAnywhere (available on the desktop) allows you to stream the software you need on any PC.  Contact UoD IT for help and assistance -


*** Did you know about our morebooks recommendation service? ***

If you need a book for your studies, course work, dissertation or exams which the Library doesn't have, or if you think an extra copy, later edition or eBook would be helpful, please let us know by email


*** The Main Library has variable study areas. ***

These change designation during the Semester for the revision and exam period.  Let us know if you think we should change these earlier.  Use our 'Have your Say' feedback form for this or any other comments or suggestions about your library.

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