Most spaces, services and facilities you find and use in our libraries are managed by Library staff.  However some are primarily looked after by our partners.  You can always contact Library staff if you require assistance of any kind, but if we can’t help, we will make sure you are put in touch with the people who can.

Cafe and Vending Machines


Managed by DUSA

Any questions about opening hours, selection of food/drinks available and vending machines, please email:

Printing and Computers


Our IT Services  colleagues help with printing, computers, passwords, Wi-Fi, email, audio visual equipment in our study rooms and file storage.

Please ask at any IT Service Desk, email or complete a form online

ASC (Academic Skills Centre)


Our colleagues in the Academic Skills Centre focus on enhancing and supporting your learning experience, from essay writing to exam revision. Please call 01382 384017 or email

Estates & Buildings

1st floor plans

Library staff regularly patrol our buildings and report any defects to the University’s Estates & Buildings department. However if you notice a fault - broken toilet, flickering light, too warm, too cold, you can email and we can forward your comments.  Please remember to indicate which of our library sites you are at. Thank you.


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