We are committed to providing a high quality of service to everyone using the Library and Learning Centre. Our Customer Charter and this Engagement and Consultation strategy is founded upon the cores values of the University –

  • Valuing people
  • Working together
  • Integrity
  • Making a difference
  • Excellence


We will provide customers and potential customers with information on the services and facilities available to them and keep them informed of changes and developments.  

We shall use a variety of consultative methods to engage our customers and potential customers and encourage feedback as a driver for continuous improvement. 

Outcomes of consultation are incorporated into our future planning which help us improve your library experience.

Service developments as a result of any engagement and consultation will be publicised online and on digital signage in our libraries.


A variety of mechanisms for engagement and consultation are used and these are reviewed annually to ensure they remain effective and provide relevant, representative and reliable results.




National Student Survey (NSS)


Online survey for final year undergraduate students on the services and support offered by the University.

(Q19) relates to library resources plus free text comments.  Regarded as an important benchmarking tool nationally.

This is an external survey.

Other External Surveys

Annual and


Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) and the International Students Barometer (ISB)

These are online, external surveys.

Annual Library



Online user satisfaction survey focussing on Service Delivery, available to all users of the Library and Learning Centre.

Core questions and free text comments.  Additional/supplementary questions can be included and will vary each year e.g. consultation on refurbishment options.

This is an internal survey.





Paper based questionnaire conducted in the month of October simultaneously with other Scottish Higher Education Institutions.  

5 questions and free text comments.

Benchmarking tool for comparative performance in relation to timeliness and quality of service.

This is an internal survey.




Paper based user comments – users write us a ‘love’ or ‘break up’ letter.

Free text comments.

This is an internal survey.

Staff and Student Committees / Groups


The LLCCI are represented at Learning and Teaching Committees; School Boards; Student-Staff Liaison Committees; Quality & Academic Standards Committees; Programme Reviews

Frequent during semester, provides opportunity to respond immediately to issues/concerns and as a forum to consult.



Feedback form available online and via QR code on posters.

‘How did we do’ online survey - link provided on generic LLC Service Delivery emails, communication from the Library Management System and requested at the end of online CHATs.

Dundee University Student



The LLCCI Management team meet with our Student Executive and Student Representative Council and communicate directly on issues and planned Library developments.  The Assistant Director for Service Delivery also meets with representatives from the Student Executive at least twice per Semester.

Service Delivery Staff


Informal feedback form our Service Delivery staff who have valuable insight into the needs and requirements of our customers and potential customers. Staff feedback in our twice a month (during Semester) meetings or directly to their line manager at any time.

Focus Groups


Targeted feedback on a particular service.  Site specific groups have proved more useful than targeted and open meetings in Main Library


Created October 2018; Consulted November 2018; Published November 2018; Reviewed November 2019, May 2022

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