The Library & Learning Centre (LLC) is committed to working on the continual improvement of our services. As part of the ongoing process, in March 2019, the Service Delivery Division (LLC) achieved Customer Service Excellence (CSE) accreditation and is the first sector of the University of Dundee to achieve this award.  To maintain the award, we are assessed each year by evidencing our continual service improvements and in November 2022 we successfully maintained our accreditation.

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Customer Service Excellence standard has been developed to acknowledge excellence in public services.  To gain the award, the Service Delivery Division (LLC) demonstrated

  • we seek to understand our customers' needs and how these are changing
  • that our staff consistently focus on providing good customer services
  • and that the services themselves are high quality and easily accessed.

Our annual review assessment also highlights areas of Compliance Plus, where we exceed the standard expected. 

“The last year has seen a return to onsite campus services, and an increase in both the number of domestic and international students. Post pandemic satisfaction levels have continued to rise, although not yet back to pre-pandemic levels. There has been a reversion to an emphasis on face-to-face services. Staff were able to demonstrate that the Service compares favourably when benchmarked against peers, and that they are prepared to both learn from others and promote their own good practice.”

Extract form Assessment Report from M Assessment Services, 2022

Our Compliance Plus elements focus on:

Customer insight

Insight about our varied customer groups
How we have developed our services in response to our customers specific needs 
The consultation of customers to continually improve our service.
How we set challenging and stretching targets for customer satisfaction


Our commitment to putting the customer at the heart of service delivery.
Prioritising customer focus throughout our organisation.
Our staff are polite and friendly.
Our staff insight and experience is incorporated into policy development and service planning.

Information and Access

Our commitment to ensuring customers have received and understood the information we provide.
Evaluation of how our customer interact with us.
Our partnership working aimed at enhancing the student experience by co-ordinating services.


How we demonstrate that we deliver the service we promise, and that the outcomes are positive for the majority of our customers.
How we regularly review our complaints procedure, taking account the views of customers, complainants and staff.

Timeliness and Quality

How we demonstrate when our service is not completed at the first point of contact, we discuss with the customer the next steps and indicate the likely overall time to achieve outcomes.


To maintain the award, we will be assessed each year by evidencing our continual service improvements.   

We value your comments and suggestions on our services and together with our Engagement and Consultation  strategy, provide various channels for customer feedback.   Our Service Standards underpin our Customer Charter and ‌LLC User Contract 2022.   Our Service Standards are monitored, reviewed, and results reported regularly in order to continually improve the delivery of a quality Library service.  By quality, we refer to the provision of a friendly, knowledgeable and timely service that satisfies our users needs.