The central Questionmark Perception (QMP) systems are administered for the University by the Library & Learning Centre.

If you have any queries about e-assessment, Questionmark Perception or the systems in place at the University of Dundee, please feel free to contact the e-assessment team.

The questions and answers below cover the most common issues raised relating to Questionmark Perception. More questions and answers to follow soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

QuestionMark Perception (QMP), is a software package used to produced assessments for online delivery. The software allows a range of different question types to be created, multimedia components can be included, and feedback entered on the responses chosen (i.e. correct and wrong answers).

email for software installation instructions and to obtain your QMP username and password

The University of Dundee is currently supporting version 5.7 of Questionmark Perception.

Licencing information is included in the software installation instructions

A consistent naming structure is advisable. We recommend that questions are organised into logical topic and that assessments names contain both module code and (academic) year in which it is created for example, AZ12345 Assessment Theory 1718.

You are recommended to use Internet Explorer 8 or above.

Yes. Questionmark can be used with a MacOSX.

Question and Assessment Design

Before creating questions you must first create or have access to a topic. Topics enable you to organise questions by theme. Select the topic and then right click and choose Add Question. A wizard will be displayed that will lead you through the steps of creating your questions.

No, you then have to create an "assessment"in an assessment folder. Click on Assessment View to view your assessment folders. Create/select the relevant assessment folder and right click and chose Add Assessment. The Add Assessment wizard enables you to make a number of selections relating to your assessment. For example, you have created a bank of 100 questions, you can choose 20 specific questions for a particular test, or you can set the system to choose the questions randomly. You can also set a time limit and whether or not you require specific assessment outcomes to be achieved i.e pass mark of 60%.

You should email Assess with details of the assessment that you wish to go online. The QMP administrator will publish your assessment to the server and will make it available within the Blackboard module (formative assessment only) at a time and date that you specify. You will be asked to test the assessment prior to release to students. For details on procedures for summative assessments please see the University of Dundee e-Assessment Policy and Procedures.

Yes. If you have found a graphic or other resource on the Internet you wish to use in your questions, you should:

  • Contact the website or resource owner (usually via email)
  • State that you would like to use the resource and that it is for academic purposes for a computer assisted assessment within a password protected environment on the Internet.
  • If you receive permission it is good practice to still credit the source of the graphic, the standard text for this is, "reproduced by permission of . . . ". If you do not receive permission you are advised not to use the resource in your assessment.
  • Keep a copy of all email correspondence you receive relating to copyright.