Questionmark Perception (QMP) is a software package used to produce assessments for online delivery.

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Authors can create quizzes, tests and exams for diagnostic, formative or summative assessments. It is widely and successfully used throughout the University at present.

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Why use it?

  • A wide range of different question types can be created e.g. multiple choice, true/false, likert scale
  • Multimedia components e.g. audio or video clips can be incorporated
  • Provides instant feedback
  • Flexibility in type and depth of feedback, marking and overall design
  • Large question banks can be created and easily organised, for multiple uses
  • Test questions and choices can be randomised to reduce collusion
  • Reporting and analytics tools help interpret assessment results
  • Secure delivery suitable for high-stakes testing

Who can use it?

Any member of staff who wishes to create assessments for use in their modules, or a student supported by a staff member.

Who to contact?

Initial enquiries to the Assess Team to discuss requirements.

Staff training

Is delivered in a number of ways:

  • Group training tailored for specific schools/departments
  • One-to-one sessions as required and as feasible

What service to expect from us

  • email for software installation instructions and to obtain your QMP username and password
  • Initial training in the service
  • Creation of assessments from authored questions (if required)
  • Administrative support to make assessments available to students throughout semester as required
  • Troubleshooting with staff and students for the above
  • Creation of, or support for, specific types of question/special requests/project work

What is expected from you?

  • To abide by the University of Dundee Online Assessment Policy and Procedures
  • To complete an ‌‌Online Examination - Registration Form for every online exam at least four weeks before its scheduled date. This ensures that the preparative work for the assessment can be completed. Receipt of the form will be acknowledged and the academic staff member in charge should take action if acknowledgement is not received
  • To author questions and produce question banks from which to construct exams. To create tests/quizzes/exams etc or to provide the Assess team with a word document of questions/scoring/feedback needed etc, in order that an assessment can be created for you
  • To take responsibility for all logistical arrangements (booking of appropriate venue, etc.) and exam invigilation

Benefits for inclusive learning and teaching

QMP can offer particular benefits to enhance inclusion for disabled students and other students who may encounter learning difficulties:

  • Students with mobility impairments can independently access assessments in a convenient and accessible place
  • Students with visual impairments can customise the appearance of assessments to suit their own reading needs
  • Students who are blind can independently access assessments, and have content read to them by their screen reading technology or output via a Braille display
  • Students with reading difficulties relating to conditions such as dyslexia can customise the appearance of assessments to suit their own reading needs, or use text-to-speech technology to listen to material
  • Students with physical impairments can use their preferred input device (for example speech recognition software or a switching device) to submit answers to assessments
  • Additionally, instructors can grant extra time to students with specific access needs that mean they may be slower in reading questions and composing and inputting answers

This section provides specific advice on ensuring that disabled students can benefit from the use of QMP, while providing guidance on avoiding introducing potential accessibility barriers.

Ongoing support

For ongoing support get in touch by email with the Assess Team.

Terms of use

  • To abide by the University of Dundee Code of Conduct for the Use of Computing Facilities
  • To abide by the University of Dundee Regulations for the Use of Computing Facilities

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