My Dundee is the University of Dundee's web-based student portal, designed to support and enhance learning by providing online resources, as well as tools for communication and interaction, to both students and staff.

It gives students access to learning materials, student clubs and societies, and many other resources. Students can also contact lecturers, submit assessments and complete on-line tests via My Dundee. It is run collaboratively between UOD IT and the Library & Learning Centre (LLC).

See for yourself…

Every student and staff member has a user account; the best way to experience My Dundee is to login and have a look around!

Why use it?

  • My Dundee can be accessed 24/7, wherever you have an internet connection
  • It can also be used on the move: the Blackboard Mobile app is now free to download for mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry)


  • Staff can use My Dundee for a variety of purposes, including making class announcements, storing copies of lecture slides, and running discussion boards

Course Materials

  • Often provided via My Dundee to support students' learning, and can range from simple text to be read online, to web links to audio or video clips

Discussion Boards

  • Allows communication between lecturers/tutors and their students, as well as between students. Most common use is for students to post questions about their module and have them answered by staff

Assignments and Assessments

  • Online activities are often provided as part of My Dundee modules, some of which may form part of a student's module assessment. For example: online submission of coursework; Questionmark Perception assessments to complete; or using My Grades to check on assessment marks


  • The University's Personal Development Planning Scheme is accessed via My Dundee. This can enable students to reflect on their personal and career goals and become more focussed in their approach to both studying and extra curricular activities

Who can use it?

Any member of the University.

Who to contact?

Initial enquiries to the e-Learning Team.

Staff training

Is delivered in a number of ways:

  • InspirED programme of workshops and seminars
  • Group training tailored for specific schools/departments
  • One-to-one sessions as required

What service to expect from us

  • A response to your enquiry within 24 hours
  • Extra support with particular tasks if required
  • Follow up and report on issues regarding external software used within My Dundee (e.g. SafeAssign)

What is expected from you?

  • To contact the team in good time for everyday tasks such as being added to modules etc.
  • If you have any queries or problems, do provide as much info as you can in your first contact. This will help the team to deal with your issue efficiently

Benefits for inclusive learning and teaching

MyDundee can offer particular benefits to enhance inclusion for disabled students and other students who may encounter learning difficulties, by providing access to digital learning resources:

  • Students with mobility impairments can independently access learning materials in a convenient and accessible place
  • Students with visual impairments can customise the appearance of learning materials to suit their own reading needs
  • Students who are blind can independently access learning materials, and have content read to them by their screen reading technology or output via a Braille display
  • Students with reading difficulties relating to conditions such as dyslexia can customise the appearance of learning materials to suit their own reading needs, or use text-to-speech technology to listen to material
  • Students with physical impairments can use their preferred input device (for example speech recognition software or a switching device) to create content or communicate with peers and instructors

Ongoing support

Terms of use