Welcome to CTIL, the University of Dundee's central digital education team. We provide digital tools and services for learning and teaching, support key activities like online assessment and work with the academic community to develop and promote best practice across the University. 

My Dundee

Our online learning and teaching environment. This is where you can find your online modules content, communications, teaching activities, and assessments.

Digital Education Enhancement

We work with the academic community to innovate and develop high quality digital teaching practice. This ensures our students receive the best possible learning experience.

Our Services

You can find information on our services with related guides and support links on our My Dundee Resource site.


You can reach us on Help4u. Send any technical issues or service requests relating to our services through the self-service portal. 


Recipes are guides created by the academic community. They aim to share ideas and best practice in digital education.

Learning X

Learning X is a new programme focused on developing digital education practice by focusing on module design and pedagogical approaches in a digital world.

Platform for Innovation

Providing a platform for innovation is another key function, providing support for the new MOOCs being developed by Dundee.