Future of DNA Analysis

What are we doing?

We are addressing some of the main difficulties of DNA analysis in forensic science by finding new ways of analysing samples with multiple contributors. When samples are collected at a crime scene and sent for analysis, a complex mix of DNA sequences can be detected; for example if the sample was collected from a bag, multiple people may have touched the bag and the sample can contain DNA from all those individuals.

Why are we doing it?

The current data analysis techniques for DNA profiling do not always give consistent results and the methods used are not always transparent. We are looking at new techniques to analyse these complex samples to generate clearer and more robust DNA evidence in the criminal justice system. Legal challenges are being made on the basis that the analysis is commercially based black box with no transparency to allow validation of the process.

Project overview

Start date
21 Mar 2017
Project Lead
Alexander Gray
Other staff involved
Aga Kuffel


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