26 Jun 2018

(CLOSED) PhD Opportunity in Development of optical nanobiosensors for forensic analysis

Body fluids recovered from a crime scene can provide valuable information that can help in the identification of individuals who may have had an association with the scene. Detector technology capable of identifying traces of body fluids recovered from a crime scene can provide new potential tools in the identification of such trace evidence. More importantly, detection tools capable of specificity in regard to the type of body fluid (saliva, semen or blood) can aid investigators in unravelling the relevance of a body stain within the context of a scene or case. More importantly, it may be key for the fore...

(CLOSED) PhD Opportunity in Development of optical nanobiosensors for forensic analysis

12 Jun 2018

Researcher Honoured in Queen’s Birthday Honours List

Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service Watch Manager, Dave Coss, has been honoured in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, receiving the prestigious Queen’s Fire Service Medal (QFSM) for distinguished service. WM Coss is a Fire Investigator working as part of the Prevention and Inclusion Department based at the Service’s Derbyshire Headquarters. He is undertaking his research into smoke alarms and whether they wake children. The research supervised by Professor Niamh Nic Daeid, Director of the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science ran the largest scale citizen science project of its...

8 Jun 2018

Scottish Secretary meets Tay Cities Deal bid representatives

  A significant future development opportunity for Forensic Science at the University of Dundee was presented to The Secretary of State for Scotland, Rt Hon David Mundell MP, on Friday 8th June. Prof Niamh Nic Daeid (Director) and Michael Marra (Deputy Director) were part of a team who welcomed Mr Mundell to the University to hear details of three bids being made as part of the Tay Cities Deal. These ambitious proposals seek to bolster the University of Dundee’s considerable strengths in biomedical sciences and forensic science as well as the University of Abertay’s specialism in cybersecu...

Scottish Secretary meets Tay Cities Deal bid representatives

10 Jan 2018

(CLOSED) PhD Identifying the Transfer and Persistence of Fibres

Clothing is an integral part of our life, serving a variety of purposes. The most obvious function is to protect an individual from the elements but clothes can also be to reflect the social and the cultural function of the wearer. The constant demand of our society for new fashion designs and to improve comfort encourages the production of new fabrics. To meet this demand new textile merchandises are constantly being produced and shipped all over the world. The manufacturing of new textiles is sophisticated; globally heterogeneous and constantly evolving. Some of this complexity is driven by the need of s...

12 Dec 2017

(CLOSED) Post Doctoral Research Assistant - Statistics

This Post-Doctoral Research Assistant within the Leverhulme Centre will be part of the core research team along with the Principal Investigators. You will work on innovative, inter-disciplinary research, engage in the development of collaborative research activities and provide leadership on projects requiring statistical expertise. As part of the team you will be an active contributor to projects, to drive Forensic Science forward and generate maximum impact within the community. Principal responsibilities include: Sound knowledge of statistical uncertainty and its applications. Experience of applying sta...