The UK’s first two week festival of Data Innovation in Scotland happened on the 11th to 22nd March 2019. Led by the DataLab Scotland it showcased Scotland's leading role in data science and artificial intelligence on the international stage.

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Better Data in Forensic Science

Forensic science research data has been generated for decades, both in forensic science laboratories and by academic researchers, but much of the raw data is inaccessible or lost.  Traditionally within forensic science there has been little or no culture of sharing or preservation of research data and what data exists is spread across many sources with little organization, centralization or accessibility. Part of the vision of the Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science (LRCFS) is to provide the leadership, organization and funding needed to develop centralized data pools derived from existing data resources.  As far as possible, these data pools will be made openly accessible and freely available across the practitioner and researcher communities to the benefit of all who work in the...

Better Data in Forensic Science