Forensic Science in Schools

About this activity

We are offering the opportunity for schools and pupils to get involved with leading forensic science research. The activities are suitable for secondary school age groups (S1-S6) and bring research to life in the classroom. All the activities are free and contribute to research in the area of Transfer and Persistence of evidence. 

Our focus in the activities is on good scientific practice and the use of maths in the real world. The sessions involve visits from researchers from LRCFS and involve pupils working through a forensic science scenario, undertaking experiments that help us to better understand the environments in which we live.

The sessions vary in length from 1 - 2hrs.

Activities can also be run as a series over a number of weeks. 


If you are interested in working with us to bring research to life in your classroom please get in touch 

For schools that are local to Dundee we will be organising a celebration event at LRCFS where pupils that have carried out research will be able to present their work to their peers and forensic science researchers. Get in touch with us to find out more! 

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