Supported through challenges

Giorgio is in his fourth year, studying for the dual qualifying LLB. He shares his experiences.

I have always wanted to study law. The defining moment came when I was at school, taking Modern Studies classes. I did a module on human rights and I loved it. My school was right next door to the police station and a court. I used to go in to court every Friday, with my Modern Studies class. I thought it was really interesting and that the solicitors and advocates were really articulate.

Funnily enough, if you go right back to primary school and look in my primary 7 yearbook, it asks "where will you find yourself in ten years' time?". Mine says "I'll be graduating with a law degree".

I wanted to come to Dundee because the Dual Qualifying degree was a big thing for me. I thought that it would be very interesting and give me a far better advantage over going to other universities. I also love public speaking and the Mooting Society here had a fantastic reputation.  I was lucky enough to take part in the recent public mock trial of William Bury. This was an amazing opportunity.  

The way that the University structures the course is very good. In your first and second year most of your subjects are Scots law, because this gives you a nice foundation. You also gain the legal skills, research skills and the knowledge that you need. Then you are introduced to English law which is a bit different. It is manageable but testing.

This year - my final year - I am doing the Telders International Moot. Every year, four students in their fourth year compete in this competition. Writing our memorial to go to the Hague was the most challenging thing I have ever done in my life, but it was really rewarding.

The biggest thing I got from it was that the University will really help you. Our exam timetable was organised around us ,which is incredible.

That is the kind of support that the University are giving us. That challenge and experience has shown me the importance of attention to detail. We took a month to redraft the memorial and send it off.

When I graduate, I hope to stay on at Dundee to take the Diploma in Professional Legal Practice (a qualification which must be obtained by students who wish to work as a solicitor or advocate in Scotland).  Dundee has a very small, specialist diploma. It’s very highly sought after, because local practising solicitors teach it. 

In future, I want to be a court practitioner. I have been very lucky in my time at Dundee as I have had a number of occasions where I have been able to take part in things and I love it.