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Kirsteen Shields has held the post of Lecturer at the School of Law, University of Dundee since 2010 where she teaches UK Public Law and International Human Rights Law. Prior to joining Dundee Law School, she held the post of Fellow in Human Rights at the LSE Centre for the Study of Human Rights. She graduated in Law with French from the University of Glasgow and holds a PhD from the University of London, where she undertook research as part of an inter-institutional AHRC (UK Arts and Humanities Research Council) research project. Whilst undertaking her doctoral research she also held a Fellowship at Centre for Comparative Research in Law and Political Economy, at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto. Kirsteen has experience working with intergovernmental and non-governmental bodies, including UNESCO, Liberty human rights organisation and A4ID (Advocates for International Development). In 2011 Kirsteen was awarded the title of Scotland and Northern Ireland Young Thinker of the Year.

In 2014 Kirsteen will be a Visiting Fellow at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy.


Public Law I, Public Law III, Constitutional Law, UN Human Rights Law (LLM), Regional Human Rights Law (LLM), Legal Research Skills (LLM).


Kirsteen's research is in the field of public international law and international human rights, particularly relating to the human rights obligations of corporations; global governance of natural resources; and the relationship(s) between international law structures and global inequality.


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'Young thinker' title for law lecturer Kirsteen

  • Published: 17/11/2011
  • Press clipping: Research

A Lecturer in Law at the University of Dundee has been named Scotland and Northern Ireland Young Thinker of the Year for 2011 for her ideas on how to 'rethink the recession'. Kirsteen Shields (28), originally from Glasgow, was awarded the title by the Young Scotland and Northern Ireland Programme, the organisation founded by the journalist Kenneth Roy. Kirsteen's pre…

Young Scientist Award for Dundee medical student

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A final year medical student from the University of Dundee has received a Young Scientist Award at a prestigious medical conference in recognition of her outstanding work on the impact of antibiotic resistance worldwide and its implications for pneumonia patients. The European Respiratory Society made the award to Catriona Rother (24), originally from Edinburgh, at t…

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2013 – the UN Year of Water Cooperation – is a big year for international water law. The UN Watercourses Convention, adopted by the UN General Assembly in 1997, may well enter into force before 2014 – only five additional ratifications are required. In addition, the amendment to the UNECE Helsinki Convention, which would allow non-UNECE States to join, is likely to b…

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Participation is important for well-being, according to scientists Being stuck in a crowd of a million people doesn’t sound like much fun, but according to the latest research, being with others - even during difficult conditions - can actually be good for well-being. The study, into the biggest religious festival on earth, the Magh Mela, suggests that participation …

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Treatment with Vitamin D does not help reduce high blood pressure in older people, a new study from the University of Dundee has shown. Researchers in the School of Medicine examined the effects of Vitamin D supplements provided to patients aged 70 and over who had isolated systolic hypertension - the most common type of high blood pressure among older people. Previo…

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Among the many examples of how science fiction and fantasy have inspired real science, an interesting one is the “tractor beam,” first conceived by the chemical engineer and writer Edward E. Smith in the 1930s in his novel Spacehounds of IPC. Smith’s hypothetical device was a beam capable of pulling any macroscopic object from a distance. In the case of a light beam,…

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La odontopediatra y especialista en Cariologia del Reino Unido, doctora Nicola Innes, fue invitada por la Facultad de Odontologia de la Ufro para dictar dos conferencias. (The pediatric dentist and specialist in the UK, Dr Nicola Innes, was invited by the Faculty of Dentistry of UFRO to deliver two lectures.)

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Unnecessary ward moves are becoming increasingly common and have adverse consequences both for patients and for hospitals, according to researchers from the University of Dundee. Professor Marion McMurdo and Dr Miles Witham have drawn attention to the practice of 'boarding' patients - moving individuals from their own base specialty ward to other wards to accommodate…

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A scientist at the Medical Research Council Protein Phosphorylation and Ubiquitylation Unit (MRC-PPU) at the University of Dundee has been awarded almost £1.9M from the Wellcome Trust to investigate the causes of Parkinson's disease. Dr Miratul Muqit has been awarded a Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellowship in Clinical Science to undertake research over the next 5…


SOAS Food Forum: Risks of and Resistance to Extraterritorial Dimensions of the Right to Food

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6 2 2015

Rethinking the Recession

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13 4 2013

London Roundtable on Transnational Private Law Theory

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14 11 2014

EUI Working Group on Human Rights

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25 6 2014

Ethics Forum: Fairtrade and Food Security

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7 3 2014

Consultation on the Right to Food

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6 6 2014

Association of Human Rights Institutions Annual Conference

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29 9 2014