Human Rights

Dundee Law School is a thriving environment for research in the area of human rights. Research is both doctrinal and theoretical. It focuses on institutional mechanisms for human rights protection, substantive and jurisprudential issues about the nature of human rights, feminist approaches to human rights, human rights and terrorism, human rights and transnational corporations, human rights and the environment, human rights in the context of private international law, human rights and global justice as well as human rights and development.  Research and teaching staff have different areas of expertise in human rights. Robin Churchill works on economic and social rights and his work has been published in leading human rights books.  Alan Page works on the relationship between human rights and constitutional law. Patrick Ford is interested in human rights from a practical perspective on account of his experience as a solicitor. Kirsteen Shields works on the relationship between human rights, fair trade and corporate compliance. Genevieve Lennon works on counter-terrorism law, strategy and policing, including the intersection of human rights with each. Jacques Hartmann works on criminal cooperation, human rights, immunity and jurisdiction. He is co-compiler of the United Kingdom Materials on International Law, British Yearbook of International Law, the ICRC project on Practice Collection on Customary International Humanitarian Law and the Oxford Reports on International Law in Domestic Courts. Oche Onazi works on the interface between legal theory, human rights and development.  Peter McEleavy & Aude Fiorini consider human rights implications in the context of global and European private international law.

 Key Publications

2013 K. Shields, 'Ethical Trade Networks as Catalysts for Corporate Compliance with Human Rights' in Stefan Wrbka and Steven van Uytsel(eds) Network Governance and the Law: Proceedings of the 2013 Annual Conference at the University of Kyushu, Japan (Springer Publications)

2013 O. Onazi, Human Rights from Community: A Rights-Based Approach to Development, Edinburgh University Press.

2012 R. Churchill, “The Protection of Economic and Social Rights: A Particular Challenge?” (with U. Khaliq) in H. Keller and G. Ulfstein (eds.), UN Human Rights Treaty Bodies (Cambridge University Press, 2012), pp. 199-260

2009 K. Shields, 'Labour Exploitation: Crossing the Threshold between Acceptable and Unacceptable Labour Standards' in Paulus Kaufmann, Hannes Kuch, Christian Neuhauser and Elaine Webster (eds) Humiliation, Degradation, Dehumanisation Human Dignity Violated (Springer Publications)

2008 J. Hartmann, 'Extradition and the European Convention on Human Rights' in M. Bohlander and K. Kaikobad (eds) Law, The State and Justice: Essays in Honour of Colin Warbrick (Brill, The Hague, pp. 25-65)