Environmental Law

Dundee is one of the leading law schools for environmental law research in the UK with experts in international, national and multi-level environmental governance. Particular areas of expertise include the management of living marine resources, the law of the sea, sustainable development, biodiversity and ecosystems management, climate change and environmental regulation.  Dundee’s research and staff inform policy and legal debate.  Previous research into path dependency in regulatory agencies has prompted institutional change within environmental regulators while research into the implementation of EU environmental law in a devolved Great Britain has been used in three separate parliamentary inquiries.  Work on sustainable development law is informing legislative changes in Wales and the role of parliamentary scrutiny in Scotland.  Current projects are informing the arctic governance, the environmental aspects of the independence debate in Scotland and debates on new approaches to conservation, e.g. biodiversity offsets.

Besides four permanent staff, the School currently has 5 PhD students doing environmental law topics and 1 LLM by research working on health and safety, a post-doctoral researcher (Nsoh) and a Marie Curie Fellow (Liu) all working in the area of environmental law.

Staff are on the editorial boards of the leading academic journals in the area and work is regularly funded by the research councils. Churchill is a member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration's Panel of Arbitrators for Arbitration of Disputes relating to Natural Resources and the Environment. He is currently part of a team drafting a submission for the IUCN to the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in connection with the request which the Tribunal has received for an advisory opinion on certain fisheries question. Reid and Ross are the academic members on the Environmental Law and Planning Law committees for the Law Society of Scotland and both sit on its Marine Law committee.  They also regularly act as advisers to various UK institutions. Kirk has advised government bodies in the UK and elsewhere and is on the Governing Board of the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law.

Key Publications

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2013 Colin Reid “Between Priceless and Worthless: Challenges in Using Market Mechanisms for Conserving Biodiversity” (2013) 2 Transnational Environmental Law 217-233