Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate and Commercial Law research at Dundee is interdisciplinary and often collaborative. Cross has collaborated with colleagues in the Dundee School of Business. Belcher’s work on themes relevant to Directors’ decisions; Trust, Risk, Corporate Culture, Information and Communication, and Collective Responsibility is socio-legal in nature and incorporates theories that have their origins in an appropriate array of other disciplines. Kirk’s work on the production of reporting of normativity in organisational reporting is both interdisciplinary and collaborative, again with accounting academics. Shields’ work lies on the boundaries between Human Rights, Fair Trade and corporate compliance. Corporate Insolvency is an area of research for Belcher and Xie. Belcher has written on Directors’ Disqualifications with the aid of a small grant from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS). Research has been funded by the Scottish Government (Cross), EHRC, AHRC, Leverhulme and ICAS (Belcher) and in the form of an AHRC Network award (Belcher with Kirk and others are part of a small team). Belcher has been invited to speak at a Dundee seminar organised by the Dean of the School of Business as a celebration of Nobel Prize-winning Economist Coase’s work on “The Theory of the Firm” which was undertaken in Dundee: another instance of the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the Law School’s research.

Key Publications

2012 A. Belcher “Metaphysical Spookiness? The Collective Responsibility of Company Directors” Griffith Law Review, 21 (3) 609-636

2013 S. Cross, "Financialization and Company Law: A Study of the UK Company Law Review" with Collison, D., Ferguson, J., Power, D. & Stevenson, L. in Critical Perspectives on Accounting

2012 E. Kirk, "The production of normativity: A comparison of reporting regimes in Spain and the UK" with J. Bebbington and C. Larrinaga in 37 Accounting, Organizations and Society, pp. 78-94

2013 K. Shields, 'Ethical Trade Networks as Catalysts for Corporate Compliance with Human Rights' in S. Wrbka and S. van Uytsel (eds) Network Governance and the Law: Proceedings of the 2013 Annual Conference at the University of Kyushu, Japan (Springer Publications)

2012 B. Xie, "Role of insolvency practitioners in the UK pre-pack administrations: challenges and control"  International Insolvency Review , 21(2) 85-103