The Dundee Student Law Review was set up in 2015 by a small group of editors who were interested in showcasing the academic fortitude of the University of Dundee School of Law. It continues to publish mostly from the submissions of Dundee law students although it welcomes articles from all scholars both nationally and internationally.

The Law Review is peer reviewed. Peer review is conducted by academics at the University of Dundee ensuring that the publication is of the highest academic standards. The editorial team in composed of students from the School of Law at varying stages of their legal careers.

After two successful publications the new editorial management was keen to broaden the readership and contribution base of the Law Review. Submissions for Volume III have come from as far afield as Belgium, supplementing the excellent contributions from the law students of the University of Dundee.

We are most grateful to Anderson Strathern Solicitors and SCOLAG for their ongoing support.

Editorial board

Harry Milligan (Managing Editor)

My involvement with the Law Review goes back to Volume I where it all started. After two volumes I was elected as a Managing Editor and since then my focus has been on encouraging international contributions and widening readership. I’m set to graduate in Scots and English Law in the summer 2017. During weekends I’m a tour guide at Deanston Distillery and I also work evenings in a local sports centre. Enjoying a whisky with friends while watching the Six Nations is my idea of the perfect day.

Sam Morton (Managing Editor)

Born in Edinburgh, I crossed the Atlantic to Canada at the age of 8, completing my primary and secondary education in the ‘Royal City’ of Guelph, Ontario. I began my legal studies at Dundee in 2013, and I am studying for an LLB (Hons) in Scots Law with Politics.

Conor Keir

I am currently a law student both Scots and English law. I have an interest in both human rights and public law. My hobbies are mostly public speaking related and I compete nationally in debating, model United Nations, and mooting. Outside of my studies I enjoy rugby, whisky and cheese. I am also partial to awkward British humour like the hit show The Thick of It. My favourite film is the effortlessly beautiful Slow West.

Kerri Montgomery

I am currently in third year of the dual qualifying law degree. I have an interest in commercial law and dispute resolution. I am actively involved with a number of societies and projects at university, and compete nationally in mooting in addition to being involved with the society. My hobbies include music and cooking. When I am not studying I can usually be found watching Masterchef or Great British Bake Off.

Molly Fergusson Irene Issaias

Molly Fergusson

I am currently in my third year of the dual qualifying degree in Scots and English law. I have always had a passion for English (I’m probably that annoying person who’s constantly correcting your grammar), hence my interest in the Student Law Review which can combine this with my legal studies. I am a member of the university choir, I adore cooking and I like to dabble in baking.


Irene Issaias

I am a final year English Law student at the University of Dundee. I am a South African Cypriot, and when I’m not studying or editing I spend my time working in Customer Safety at Dundee’s student union, travelling and helping animals in need.

Keanu Newman

Faye Lipton

I'm a third year law student, currently studying competition and taxation law. This is my second year as part of the DSLR. I decided to join as it would allow me to combine my passion for writing with my law degree. Outwith university I love to travel. After Christmas I will be doing a semester abroad at James Cook University in Australia.

Keanu Newman

I am currently in my fourth year studying Scots Law. I and am particularly interested in both commercial law and dispute resolution. I have previously been a member of the Law Clinic and the Mooting Society. More recently, I have started playing golf in my free time. However, I am borderline average and so you will often find me in a Caird Park bunker looking for my ball with a bucket and spade.

George Dick Chris Vannart

George Dick

I am a second year law student in the Scots/English Dual Qualifying stream. My keen interest in writing, legal jurisprudence and philosophy has brought me to the DSLR, whereby I wish to hone my own skills of editing and writing to be able to assist fellow students. I am a great fan of reading and writing legal and philosophical works, however I am also a keen video gamer along with having a passionate interest in discussion of contemporary and historical affairs (when I can fit them in with my studies!). I also actively help at many student societies and I am involved in a variety of student projects across the university.

Chris Vannart

Having started my legal studies here at the University of Dundee, I am now in my final year of my Scots law degree. In addition to DSLR, I am heavily involved in the Dundee International Law Society. Outwith university, I am a keen musician and I play in a few brass bands in the local area. My career aim is to work for the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service. With that in mind, my areas of interest include both Scots and English criminal law and international law and policy.

 Alexander Rapis  

Alexander Rapis

Born in the US, I am an English law student in my first year. I worked as a translator and copy editor, and joined the DSLR to hone my craft. Commercial and humanitarian law are my focus. I enjoy boxing, being on the road, and decomposing at cafes.



Volume III


Volume III of the Dundee Student Law Review is dedicated to Sam Morton. He has been involved with the Law Review since its inception, his thought provoking article “Of Wigs and Gowns” a highlight of Volume I. Sadly, Sam, having been elected a Managing Editor for this publication, has been unwell forcing him to withdraw his position. The entire editorial team is wishing him a speedy recovery and dedicate Volume III to him, his friendship and his unstoppable wit.
Harry Milligan and the Editors of the Dundee Student Law Review

Links to articles:

Cedric Vanleenhove & Jan De Bruyne  EU Member States’ Courts Versus U.S. Punitive Damages Awards for Physical Harm in Football: An Attempt at Defining Best Practice.

Harry Milligan  Income Tax, National Insurance Contributions and the case for alignment.

Mark Milne  A Contextual analysis of the 2004 revisions to the substantive test for competitive harm in the EU Merger Regulation.

Mark Milne  From Injunctions to Damages: Analysis of the remedies applied by the English law of private nuisance based on the economic arguments of Ronald Coase

Volume II

This second edition of the DSLR has changed mostly in terms of layout, rather than content. During this year the editorial board wanted to improve the appearance of the review, whilst allowing the academics speak for themselves. Volume II of the Law Review will take you through yet another journey, starting of with this year’s winner of the best submission award where the author compares and provides proposals for reform on the law of ‘leave to remove’ applications in England and Scotland. The second article evaluates the law on abuse of process in England after the controversial case R v Antoine.

These two articles are subsequently followed by the commercial themed articles, covering topics from director’s remuneration to an evaluation of the ‘Arm’s Length Principle’ in International Taxation law. A difference from last year is that we also have our first joint article, which, using economic analysis considers whether the law on resale price maintenance ought to be reformed in the EU.

The links to the articles are found below. We hope that you enjoy reading this publication!

  • Jessica Gray, Relocation, Relocation, Relocation: A Comparative Study of ‘Leave to Remove’ Applications in England and Scotland
  • Kerri Montgomery, Abuse of Process: Time for Change?
  • Christopher Vannart and Giorgios Vrakas, A Contemporary Analysis of Whether the EU Should Reconsider its Rules on Resale Price Maintenance
  • Harry Milligan, Directors’ Remuneration: A Practical Critique of Corporate Governance Effectiveness
  • Alex Illiescu, A Game of Transfer Pricing: An Analysis of the Suitability of the Arm’s Length Principle and the Proposed Alternative of Formulary Apportionment


Submission Guidelines 

1. Submissions are welcomed from any law student, academic or practitioner from both inside and outside the UK, although any prizes are reserved exclusively for University of Dundee students.

2. We will accept articles written specifically for the Review or articles that have been used previously for coursework or dissertations. However, students should adapt the articles to ensure that they are appropriate for publication. Students sending previously submitted work should provide the Editors with any lecturer feedback. We will not accept any submission that has already been published in other publications.

3. Articles are expected to provide a critical and, where possible, original focus around a legal topic. They must be relevant in their content, so we would expect your submission to revolve around a relatively recent, current or upcoming legal development or take a current issue that may have legal implications and/or call for reform.

4. We will accept a variety of submissions of differing lengths and styles. Below we have set a rough guide for the length of different types of submission, however that these are only general guidelines-

  • Short Articles (2,000 to 4,000 words)
  • Long Articles (4,000 to 8,000 words)
  • Case Notes on a recent development (1,000 to 2,000 words)
  • Book Reviews (500 to 1,000 words)

5. Please ensure your referencing is formatted in accordance with OSCOLA. 

How to submit 

Submissions should be sent as attachments to law-studentreview@dundee.ac.uk.

Please include your full name (this will be anonymised before being passed to the editors), year, essay title and the area of law of your article.

Note: We will send you a reply back as an acknowledgement that we have received your submission. If you do not receive an acknowledgement of your submission within 5 working days, please re-send the submission to one of our editors (contact details are available on the “Editorial Board” page).

Also, please keep in mind that we have prizes for the best submissions (reserved for University of Dundee students)-

  • Anderson Strathern Paid Internship (For the best submission from Level 3/4)
  • Sam Morton Award (Prize for best 1st year submission)

Join Us

How to join

We welcome applications to join the Editorial Board from all current students, irrespective of what stage in your legal career you are at. We are looking for applicants ranging from undergraduates early on in their university education to post-graduate students.

In order to apply, please submit a CV and cover letter (which should include results from any modules taken) to law-studentreview@dundee.ac.uk.

Please be aware that, depending on the number and quality of applications, we may require you to attend an interview.

What we look for

In order to produce the best possible Law Review, we need high quality submissions and strong editors.

While there are many characteristics that we would look for in our applicants, the following are some of the key ones:

  • intellect;
  • good written English;
  • a degree of legal knowledge;
  • attention to detail;
  • dedication;
  • an ability to meet deadlines; and
  • a desire to become involved in our Law Review and make it the best that it can be. 

Why join us?

Becoming an editor for the Dundee Student Law Review will bring a whole host of advantages that will be beneficial regardless of whether you decide to pursue a career in law. Some of key reasons to join us are the following:

  • learn more about different areas of law that you might not otherwise experience;
  • become part of a dedicated team;
  • add something unique to your CV and demonstrate your abilities to employers;
  • contribute to an excellent Law Review; and
  • play a critical role in improving the external image of the Dundee Law School.

Please be advised that the application deadline is 13 November 2015.


SCOLAG logoWe are pleased to announce that Scottish Legal Action Group are now sponsoring the Law Review by providing free subscription to their publication for prize winning contributors.




We are also sponsored by Anderson Strathern, who have kindly offered the best Level 3/4 entrant a three week paid internship during the summer of 2018- Last volume’s successful winner was Mark Milne- Congratulations!