Dundee University Student Law Clinic is not operating currently and the structure is presently under review.  


Who we are and what we do

The Clinic is run by law students from Dundee University Law School, supervised by law staff. We offer free and confidential advice and assistance and, in some cases, representation, to eligible members of the public.

Who we help

  • Members of the public who are not eligible for legal aid
  • Members of the public who cannot afford professional legal services
  • Members of the public unable to receive legal assistance elsewhere

All advice, assistance and guidance offered by students is carried out under the supervision of qualified lawyers.

What we help with

  • Housing and tenancy problems
  • Public interest issues
  • Consumer and other contract disputes
  • Social Welfare issues


Referral option

We have a considerable number of partnership organisations. If the Clinic is unable to deal with your problem we will help you find a suitable organisation that can help.



The Student Law Clinic at Dundee University opened its doors on 31 January 2011. The Clinic is an initiative embarked upon by a very enthusiastic and energetic student body, headed by a Student Director. Law School staff, local solicitors and a Management Committee support the students' activities. The project was undertaken with the belief that it had to be driven by students if it was to be sustainable. The University of Dundee is a city campus and the city has a very substantial unmet legal need with only one Law Centre and one main CAB serving a city of 145,000 people.

The Clinic has numerous partnerships within the University and Dundee Students Association and with advice agencies, the City Council and Fife Law Centre.

Outreach Projects

Outreach Projects

The Dundee University Student Law Clinic’s aim has always been to widen the scope of access to justice by providing advice and in some cases representation to those who require, yet cannot afford, professional legal services. However, access to justice is not simply about advising a party to a dispute.

In 2014, the Clinic will seek to extend the scope of access to justice through the provision of various outreach projects to provide better access to legal knowledge. In order for people to have access to justice they must first understand their individual rights and responsibilities. These projects will seek to develop a greater awareness and understanding of these rights and responsibilities as well as a range of relevant and applicable legal concepts and issues.

Student advisers, under the supervision of the Staff Co-Ordinators, will work with local schools, charities, local community groups and other stakeholders to identify the legal issues and concerns relevant to the citizens of Dundee. Through these means and appropriate research, the students will tailor and lead interactive workshops to develop a particular group’s understanding of the law within their particular contexts.

If you would like to discuss the Law Clinic providing legal education to your organisation, please get in touch.

Contact Us

Contact Us

For further information or any questions or queries contact:

Sam Francey (Student Director)

Student Law Clinic

The Law Clinic operates from the Enquiry Centre (which is located immediately before the entrance to DUSA).  We will open each Wednesday between the hours of 12 noon and 5pm.

Please direct all enquiries to or telephone us on 07825 645 776.

Support Us

Support Us

The Clinic welcomes offers of support from members of the legal profession. In particular any local solicitor willing to assist with student supervision should contact Elizabeth Comerford or Sam Francey.

If you are a matriculated student in the Law School at Dundee and you wish to apply to become a Student Advisor please contact Sam Francey.