Recent graduate Dr Vimal Vasu has published a paper

| General News, Research News, 2017

Dr Vimal Vasu,  a Consultant in Neonatal Medicine and a recent graduate of the Healthcare Law and Ethics Distance Learning Masters Programme, has published a paper in (2017) British Medical Journal Paediatrics.  Entitled 'Pilot evaluation of parental and professional views regarding consent in neonatal medicine by telephone interviews and questionnaires', the paper reports the author's empirical research project. This also formed the basis of Dr Vasu's Master's dissertation, which was supervised by Professor Pamela Ferguson. The study found that&n...

Sustainable management of the historic environment

Andrea Ross
| General News, Research News, 2017, CECHR

Professor Andrea Ross has recently published an article entitled ‘Sustainable management in policy and practice:  the placing of solar panels on listed buildings in Scotland’ in Environmental Law and Management.   One of the challenges for sustainable management of the historic environment is to identify its key characteristics and to then establish the boundaries within which change can continue so that it enhances rather than diminishes historic character. This article critically examines how the current system for managing change in listed buildings in Scotland is dealing with the ...

New challenges in sustainable development

| General News, Research News, 2017

Experts from The University of Dundee’s Law school are contributing to the conversation around the management of the historic buildings that enrich Scotlands’ landscape, by highlighting new challenges in sustainable development.  Professor Andrea Ross and LLB graduate Agne Zasinaite have recently published an article in the Environmental Law Review which seeks to assist key decision makers in making the tough decisions required to address the policy around modern challenges, such as climate change.  The article, which was inspired by Agne’s first class LLB dissertation, exa...

Paper on Brexit and devolution

| General News, Research News, 2017

Bangor University is hosting a seminar on 'Devolved Nations and International Law' on 16 June 2017. This one-day seminar will analyse the impact of devolution on the UK's international legal practices, and the influence of international law over the UK's devolved administrations. Jacques Hartmann will be presenting a paper entitled: 'The Faroe Islands: possible lessons for Scotland in a new post-Brexit devolution settlement'. The paper explains how the Faroe Islands set a potentially important precedent for how parts of a unitary state - such as Scotland - can establish differentiated relations with the ...

Comparative Environmental Law

Image of a student
| General News, Research News, 2017

Prof. Colin Reid has attended a workshop in Cambridge as part of work leading to a major volume on Comparative Environmental Law.  This book, to be published by OUP, is being edited at Cambridge University by Prof. Jorge Vinuales and Dr. Emma Lees (a Dundee LLM graduate) and is due to appear in 2018.  Over 50 contributors from all over the world, including many “household names” among environmental law scholars, are involved and 40 of them were at the workshop to assist in identifying general themes and increase the integration of the various contributions.  Prof. Reid’s ch...