New challenges in sustainable development

| General News, Research News, 2017

Experts from The University of Dundee’s Law school are contributing to the conversation around the management of the historic buildings that enrich Scotlands’ landscape, by highlighting new challenges in sustainable development.  Professor Andrea Ross and LLB graduate Agne Zasinaite have recently published an article in the Environmental Law Review which seeks to assist key decision makers in making the tough decisions required to address the policy around modern challenges, such as climate change.  The article, which was inspired by Agne’s first class LLB dissertation, exa...

Double Award for Dundee Professor

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| General News, 2017

Prof. Colin Reid of Dundee Law School is celebrating two awards marking his success in both teaching and research.  At the graduation ceremony on 22 June he was awarded a Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence, one of a handful awarded by the University each year to acknowledge and reward senior teachers for outstanding achievement in contributions to teaching over a significant period of time.  In more than 25 years at the University of Dundee Prof. Reid has provided well-received teaching across a very wide range of subjects at all levels and been heavily involved in the processes for...

German students investigating Brexit

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| General News, 2017

A group of students from the Technical University Berlin has included Dundee as part of a study visit to the United Kingdom to explore the impact of Brexit on environmental matters.  The Dundee visit was to hear from Prof. Colin Reid, who gave them a brief talk and led a discussion on the possible consequences for environmental law, covering the “roll-over” of existing EU law after Brexit, means of enforcing environmental standards outwith the EU frameworks and the debates over divergence and collaboration as power is divided between devolved and central authorities.   Shortly af...

Dundee lecturer invited to speak at workshop in China

| General News, 2017

Jacques Hartmann has been invited to speak at an international workshop on "Law and Governance: Emerging Issues of the Polar Regions”. The workshop is organised by the Center for Polar and Deep Ocean Development, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and the Polar Research Institute of China. The aim of the workshop is to bring together scholars, experts and policymakers from all over the world to share knowledge and ideas concerning governance in the Polar Regions. Dr Hartmann will be presenting a paper on the regulation of shipping in the Arctic Ocean....

Paper on Brexit and devolution

| General News, Research News, 2017

Bangor University is hosting a seminar on 'Devolved Nations and International Law' on 16 June 2017. This one-day seminar will analyse the impact of devolution on the UK's international legal practices, and the influence of international law over the UK's devolved administrations. Jacques Hartmann will be presenting a paper entitled: 'The Faroe Islands: possible lessons for Scotland in a new post-Brexit devolution settlement'. The paper explains how the Faroe Islands set a potentially important precedent for how parts of a unitary state - such as Scotland - can establish differentiated relations with the ...