Battlefields and the Law - Article by Student Published

Kirsten Paterson

An article written by an undergraduate student in the Law School has been published in an important  legal journal.  Kirsten Paterson, who is now in the final year of study for her LLB (Hons), won a Carnegie Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship which enabled her to spend part of the summer working on a research project under the supervision of Profs Andrea Ross and Colin Reid.  The paper she wrote on the basis of this work has now been published in the latest issue of Scottish Planning and Environmental Law, which is the leading journal on this subject, with a wide readership among specialist legal, planning and environmental practitioners.  The article – “Scotland’s Battlefields Need Greater Protection” - reviews the current legal recognition of historic battlefields in Scotland and argues for measures to strengthen the protection for these important elements of our heritage, considering the various legal options available.