Law graduate Roman Syvyy’s dissertation to be published as an academic article

| General News, 2017

Following his LLM graduation, Law student Roman Syvyy 's dissertation is being published in the form of an academic article. Alice Belcher supervised the dissertation and encouraged Roman to consider adapting it for submission to a refereed journal. On graduation, Roman returned to Ukraine and to his full time role managing a group of consulting lawyers.  The article will appear shortly as: Roman Syvyy,  "Corporate Governance in Ukrainian Firms: Multiple Model Selections, Their Current Functioning, and Potential Future Problems" Review of Central and East European Law 42 (2017) 364-408...

Directors' conflicts of interest - what must be disclosed, when and so what?

Staff Photo Nov. 2013
| General News, 2017

Professor Alice Belcher (Law) recently presented a paper on "Directors' conflicts of interest - what must be disclosed, when and so what?" at the annual conference of the Society of Legal Scholars (SLS): The Diverse Unities of Law. The 2017 conference was held at University College Dublin and Alice’s attendance was funded out of the SSOC research budget. Alice also represented Colin Reid at the meeting of the SLS council meeting....

Brexit, the Withdrawal Bill and Environmental Law

| General News, 2017

Prof Colin Reid was one of the speakers at a conference organised by the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA) to consider the impact of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill on environmental law.  The sell-out event attracted speakers and audience from government, legal practice, academia, industry and the media for a discussion of the technicalities and wider implications of the process of withdrawing the UK from the EU and carrying over EU legal provisions into UK law.  Prof Reid spoke on some of the issues raised in relation to devolution and future collaboration between the governments acr...

New Book on Human Rights

| General News,2017

Dr Jacques Hartmann is presenting a new book at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. The book investigates the impact of the European Convention on Human Rights in Denmark and is published to coincide with Denmark taking over the Chairmanship of the Council of Europe (from November 2017 to May 2018), a role which places Denmark centre stage in ongoing discussions about reform of the Convention system. To maximise the impact of the book, Dr Hartmann is presenting his work at a series of events across Scandinavia, including at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute and at a special ev...

The Criminalisation of Transgender-Cisgender Sexual Relations: 'Gender Fraud' or Compulsory Cisnormativity?

| General News, 2017

One of the Law School's recent graduates, Laura-Anne Douglas, has had an article published in this month's Juridical Review.  Her article focuses on three prosecutions of young non-cisgender people for sex offences, based on fraudulent gender presentation. By not disclosing their gender history in advance of sexual relations, their words and behaviour have been treated as 'gender fraud'. The article questions whether this is an appropriate response from the law. The article was based on Ms Douglas's Honours dissertation. The Law School extends its congratulations to her on her publ...