At Dundee you may choose to study one of our many specialist LLM programmes, or you can design your own. The LLM lasts 12 months and the academic year is divided into two semesters (September – December and January – May)

What is the Dundee LLM?

The Dundee LLM enables students to develop their core legal skills and to acquire a detailed specialisation in a specific area of law. Our programmes focus on areas of law that are relevant for legal practice, business and the public sector today. Many of our staff have worked in legal practice, nationally and internationally, and we seek to ensure our programmes blend practical application with theory so you have the best platform for advancing your future career.

How will the Dundee LLM help me achieve my career objectives?

Whether you are a recent graduate or already have professional experience, a Dundee LLM will help you achieve your career objectives. As well as increasing your knowledge, you will improve your skills as a legal researcher, in legal writing and in legal analysis. Our class discussions and debates will reinforce your presentation and advocacy skills. Enriched by the LLM experience our graduates frequently make rapid career progress.

What can I study?

Whether you wish to concentrate on law, follow a multi-disciplinary pathway or combine study in Scotland with time in a leading French law school, we have the programme for you: LLM Programmes.

How do I get a specialist LLM?

In order to obtain a specialist LLM you need to select a number of modules and write your dissertation within your chosen specialist programme, with further options within and beyond your specialism. Each module gives you 20 ECTS credits.

How do I choose a specialism?

Before you choose a specialist programme, you will have the opportunity to attend lectures and speak to module organisers. We offer a lot of flexibility, and you can change your choice during your studies.

How many modules do I need to study?

Each semester you select 3 modules. In addition, you must complete one module on legal research skills, requiring work at the start of each  semester.

Are there any written assignments?

You must complete a supervised dissertation of 15.000 words. The subject of the dissertation is normally be related to your chosen specialist programme. Dissertations are written between June and August.

How many credits do I need?

The LLM requires you to accumulate 180 ECTS credits. The credits are obtained from the taught modules and the dissertation. 

  • Taught modules – at least 60 ECTS credits (20 credits for each module)
  • Legal research skills – 10 credits
  • Supervised dissertation – 50 credits

When does the LLM start?

The LLM programmes starts in September and January. Different modules are offered each semester, but all students are offered the same choice regardless of when they start.

When does the LLM end?

Students starting in September complete their studies in August (marks confirmed in October). Students starting in January complete their studies in December 2016 (marks confirmed in February).