Eva Jueptner

LLM in International Commercial Law

Eva with LLM Director Professor Peter McEleavyMy primary objective for applying to the University of Dundee’s School of Law was to add an international perspective to my mainly domestically-focused legal education in Germany. The modules Intellectual Property Law and E-Commerce Law conveyed an in-depth understanding of these fascinating areas of the law from a UK perspective. The modules Private International Law – Common Law Perspective and International Business Transactions contributed profoundly to my understanding of conflict-of-law issues and raised a keen interest in private international law, and especially in international procedural law.

Once I had completed my studies at the University of Dundee, I was successful in securing an internship at the Permanent Bureau of the Hague Conference on Private International Law. The team I was working with dealt specifically with the Judgments Project and the Hague Choice of Court Convention, and I was able to apply much of the knowledge I had gained from my LLM studies.

The Dundee LLM programme was demanding and challenging, and it will forever remain as one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Thank you to all my lecturers, fellow students and the university staff who made this year one of the best!

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Andrew Maloney

LLM in Human Rights Law

Andrew MaloneyI returned to the University of Dundee in 2007 after a 15 year career teaching Modern Studies and History. My initial aim was simply to do ‘something different’ for a while and I enrolled for an LLM in Human Rights Law. I found the course both challenging and invigorating, so much so, that after the successful completion of my masters, I decided to remain at the University and embark on course of doctoral research.

I am presently in my first year of research on the topic of whether ‘the legal dissolution of political parties preserves or undermines democracy.’ While embarking on such research is demanding, I have found it to be both academically rigorous and inspiring, a process aided in no small part by the professionalism of both the academic and non-academic staff within the Law School. Away from my studies, I attempt to relax by either watching films or football.

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Margarita Khegay 

LLM in International Commercial Law

Margarita KhegayMy name is Margarita Khegay. I am from Almaty in the Republic of Kazakhstan. I did my LLM in International Commercial Law at the School of Law in 2008-2009. This was one of the most interesting and fruitful experiences in my life! In particular my time spent in Dundee helped me a lot to improve my English and to get acquainted with the Scottish people and their culture. Studying at Dundee University helped me develop my legal writing, speaking, and analytical skills and as a result to become a real specialist in the legal field.

Presently I work at Deloitte TCF, LLP as a senior legal consultant in Tax and Legal Department. Our Department deals with clients from various professional fields: construction, telecommunications, energy resources and others. In the future I am planning to specialize in the commercial sphere, particularly, in International Commercial Law. I hope to be able to draw on my good experience and skills from my LLM and make my own contribution to commercial issues in my country, on the development of International Commercial Law in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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Patricia Udogu

LLM in Law & Government

Patricia UdoguAs a former Parliamentarian of Nigeria and the African Parliament and a lawyer I realised during the course of this programme that I was not fully equipped before I went to the Parliament to appreciate and contribute effectively on the international relationship of nations and even my government. Secondly it has been of immense enhancement to my legal practice in the area of legal opinion.

I left school nineteen years ago and the English system of teaching was different in a way from my local system. The programme also gave me an opportunity to meet and engage with students from across the globe with different cultures and religions. I also made friends with members of staff and the local community.

I am still a politician and I have a private law firm - P.N. UDOGU & CO. I am the principal partner.

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Nicola Hogg

LLM in International Environmental Law

Nicola HoggI am an Associate at Dundas & Wilson solicitors in Edinburgh. I work in our commercial litigation team, with a focus on property litigation. An opportunity arose to take unpaid leave form work and I decided to use this to do and fund myself in undertaking a part time Masters in Environmental Law. After considering a few Universities I chose Dundee as it has a well established reputation and offered a taught course. I am not sure I trusted myself or thought I would manage with the demands of working to do a postal course!

The Masters has been a refreshing change from working, offering me the chance to hone some of my legal skills and to challenge myself whilst broadening my horizons. Never a straight 'A' student it has been pleasing to see my efforts of post work and weekend studying pay off. Being a part time student does mean that when I attend the University on a weekly basis I have to be focused and organised for the following week's class. The course modules are well thought out with detailed reading lists, which all helps you to focus on the particular issues. We have covered topics which are useful from an environmental perspective and some general legal issues, this has additional benefits given it was not yesterday that I attended University to do my law degree.

So far I have studied International Law of Marine Resources and Environmental Regulation. I plan on completing my dissertation this summer to allow me to then do two more classes and graduate. The staff have all been very helpful and supportive, which has been invaluable whilst trying to balance work with studying. Overall I have enjoyed the experience so far and the fun of being a student again!

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