Aimi Gold

Aimi Gold It’s a given that any university staff body should offer good academic support to their students. What Dundee University does over and above this is to facilitate a wide range of excellent extracurricular activities, such as our Mooting (legal debate) Society and also our well regarded Law Clinic, which give students more practical legal experience.

If you want to excel and stand out from your peers there’s ample opportunity to do it at Dundee. Hard work is well rewarded, with a range of prizes given out each year, some of which are highly lucrative. In my first year I was awarded over £4000 for my academic achievements. This money helped fund a legal placement I undertook in America as well as being of great advantage to the general living costs of being a student!

One little known benefit of studying at Dundee is the ability to dual qualify in Scots and English law. Although students will have to pick which jurisdiction they complete their diploma in, this ability allows them to keep their options open until their final year.

Having undertaken the dual degree and spent the majority of last summer in placement with a range of commercial firms in both Scotland and England, I know that the excellent reputation Dundee University’s Law School enjoys is recognised in both jurisdictions.

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Harley Freemantle

Harley FreemantleI began reading a dual-qualification degree but I then switched to purely Scots when I decided I wanted to focus my studies on international law rather than spreading my time across two jurisdictions. My time in Dundee has been transforming.

I have become involved in student diplomacy and recently visited The International Court of Justice in Den Haag, and NATO in Brussels to represent the School and the University.

Dundee law students have access to a fantastic library and some world-leading members of staff, while the law student community is burgeoning with four different societies, a year round calendar of events, and some very exciting student traditions!

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Gabriel Almeida

Gabriel AlmeidaBrazilian, Italian, who lived in Sao Paulo, London, Eindhoven (the Netherlands) and now Dundee. I'm a third year English Law student who came to Dundee because of its academic popularity, international student body and on a less serious note because I had heard Snow Patrol (band) had come here!

I am currently involved in the University's men's basketball club as a member of the club committee and as a vice captain/assistant coach to a team. I was once involved with the Model United Nations Society.

With my degree I hope to be able to engage with international law, in organisationa such as the UN, EU or the ECtHR, which I feel in  comparison to other aspects of law is still quite young and still developing.

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Hope Raleigh

Hope RaleighI'm currently studying on the dual-qualification stream at level  three. I come from Glasgow originally but I choose to come to Dundee to study as the law school has an excellent reputation and offers the choice to study both Scots and English law together on the dual-qualifying module.

I was also very impressed with the Dundee University Law Society. I got involved with the society in first year, then in my second year I was elected as the Year Rep, and this year I am President of the society! It's a great thing to be involved in both socially and in terms of careers.

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Koo Asakura

Koo AsakuraLLB English Law - From Belgium and completed school in Poland.

After completing the International Baccalaureate in Warsaw, Poland, I decided to come to Dundee because of the great reputation and high rankings of the Law School. Although the course is demanding and requires analysis and critical thinking, on the whole it is very enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.

Despite only just starting my degree I have already been exposed to many different areas, ranging from European Union Law to the English Law of Contract and have even had a moot!

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Harriet Waters

Harriet WatersStudying at the University of Dundee provides you with countless opportunities, both academic and extra-curricular, to enhance your education.

By becoming involved in the Staff-Student Committee as 3rd year representative it has given me the opportunity to help others have the best experience of their time here, and to be involved in ways to improve the school.

Having available to you so many opportunities, it allows you to be an individual and to mould your education, to help plan and create a future.

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Hannah Stokes

Hannah Stokes Coming from a small, rural area in South West Scotland, I was nervous about going away to University and being in the Big City. However, I have found that Dundee is incredibly friendly and I feel completely at home. I have yet to find a member of staff in the Law School who is not approachable, and I thoroughly enjoy all of my classes.

I enjoy taking part in the mooting society and hope to get more involved with it in the future. Much of my spare time is devoted to LIP, the university’s theatre society, where I actively pursue my love of drama.

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Harry Milligan

Harry MillliganHaving never studied the law before, entering this course was certainly a leap into the unknown. Dundee Law School has made that leap a very manageable one as both the workload and timetabling have made for an easy transition from my later high school years. Classes have been most encouraging, confirming that Law was the ideal course for me. Private Law of Scotland has been a class which I have often looked forward to for its interesting and often amusing insight into case law.

The University has provided much more that just an excellent course. The student union and many sporting clubs have helped make me feel right at home. The Dundee University Boat Club has allowed me to participate in the sport of rowing for the first time – some of the best views in the Angus region! Dundee provides the perfect university environment for successful study. 

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Jivko Jeliazkov

Jivko JeliazkovMy name is Jivko Jeliazkov and I am originally from Bulgaria. I am a final year LLB Scots and English Law at the University of Dundee and I am very happy with my overall experience here. While the teaching has been mostly excellent, what really made my university experience unique were the vast opportunities for extracurricular activities. I was involved in several societies over my stay here, as well as in student politics, local and international NGOs etc.

As the president of Diplomats@Dundee for 2012/2013, I have participated in a number of political simulations, such as Model European Union, Model NATO and Model United Nations, as well as a lot of youth exchanges. Currently, I am also quite involved with informal learning and my main focus is on the Discover2Inpsire: Youth for Sustainable Living project, which will take place in Dundee in the beginning of April, 2014.

The idea is to bring 100 young people from all around Europe to Dundee, in order identify how the youth could be actively involved to change people’s behaviour, so that we can promote and ensure sustainability. We managed to secure funding from the European Commission.  

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