LLB in English Law

The English law LLB allows students to gain full exemption from the professional examinations of the Law Society of England & Wales and the Bar Council and as such represents the first stage in qualifying as a lawyer in England & Wales. Many of our students equally go on to train for the legal profession in Northern Ireland.

Not all students will decide to pursue a legal career. The transferable skills developed during the course of the Dundee LLB are extremely attractive to employers in other fields. These include the ability to carry out research effectively, the efficient and accurate analysis of documents, as well as the persuasive presentation of argument, both orally and in writing.

The size of the Dundee Law School means that there is close contact between students and staff. Excellence in teaching is a priority for Dundee. Small group teaching with full time members of staff is guaranteed, as is prompt feedback on written work. Various assessment models are employed, from traditional closed book exams, to online tests, to assessed presentations. Many courses have some form of group work. All modules have an element of continuous assessment.

Please see opportunities for Graduate Entry LLB