Fees and Funding

Fees for courses starting in the academic year 2019/20

Module Fee - £303 (no concessions available)

* Students taking 20 credits in Languages for All as part of their degrees/pathways do not have to pay LfA fees in addition to their main tuition fees.

Part-Time Fee Grant

A Part-time Fee Grant is available if your personal income is £25,000 or less a year or you are in receipt of certain benefits. This Grant only applies to modules that are credit bearing (accredited languages modules – 20 credits) where the student completes a minimum of 30 credits in the academic year. This means choosing the continuous assessments option over both semesters in one academic year. Further information and an application form can be found at:


Individual Learning Accounts (ILA)

University of Dundee is registered as a Learning Provider with ITA Scotland. This means that you can apply for an Individual Training Account to help you pay for language courses.

If your personal income is £22,000 or less per year, or you are on certain benefits, you may be eligible for up to £200 a year of funding towards your learning. Some of our accredited language courses are approved for £200 ITA funding.

ITAs can only be used in September for year long courses. It is extremely important that an ITA account is opened and active prior to the course start date, therefore early registration is strongly advisable as this process can take several weeks.

To find out more and to open an account, call the ITA Scotland helpline free on 0800 917 8000 or visit the ITA website at https://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/learn-and-train/sds-individual-learning-accounts-ita.

Note: If an individual enrols on a course using an Individual Training Account to pay the course fees but fails to attend the course, or if an ITA account isn’t opened and active prior to the course start date, an invoice will be issued for the outstanding fee balance of the course with an administration charge of £10 incurring.