Languages for All Advice / Registration Session

Thinking of learning a new language, or improving an existing one? Find us at our Freshers Fair stand or come along to our Languages for All Advice / Registration Session, Saturday 14th September 2019, 1-3pm, Humanities Reception, 1st Floor Tower Building.


  • Want to study a new language or improve existing language skills?
  • A member of the public or a student at the University?
  • Looking for course credits or just learning for fun?

our Languages For All programme offers everyone the opportunity to learn a language, whether for personal or professional reasons.

Classes are taught in the evening and you can choose from a wide range of languages, many of which are available at different levels. 

The emphasis in our language classes is on

  • fostering communicative competence,
  • linguistic knowledge, and
  • intercultural awareness

Speaking in class is our main priority, but reading, listening and writing skills are also taught continuously, using authentic audio and written materials and on-line resources.

Languages classes are also accredited, so you can obtain a University of Dundee Modern Languages Certificate worth 20 SCOTCAT points. 

Fee exemption: University of Dundee students taking 20 credits in Languages for All as part if their degree studies do not need to pay the LFA fees.

Benefits of studying with us include use of library facilities with language-specific support material.