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University Hardware

All institutionally purchased hardware must meet minimum compliance levels and be held to the agreed life cycle period for that device type.

Compliance criteria

To meet statutory and security obligations, agreed minimum compliance levels for hardware have been defined. ALL hardware purchased by the University must be:

  1. Encrypted and password protected or physically protected;
  2. Subject to an asset management and inventory process;
  3. Supported by manufacturer warranty throughout its agreed lifetime; and,
  4. Complete a predefined lifecycle, including end of life and secure disposal processing.

Where there is a business need to operate hardware that is not supported by UoD IT, the holding School or Professional Service is duty bound to ensure that criteria 1, 2 and 3 (above) are met. UoD IT are responsible for ensuring criteria 4. is met institutionally.

If a School or Professional Service does not have the means to meet the University's Compliance Standards, please contact the UoD IT Service Desk and we can arrange to undertake appropriate training and can provide access to relevant systems to permit this compliance.

Following best practice, routine audits of compliance will be undertaken by the Compliance and Security Team at appropriate points for the whole University.

Professional Services staff (including School Support Staff) who manage or process sensitive data (e.g. student data on SITS, financial data on CODA or staff data on P3) must use a standard desktop to ensure information security compliance.


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Agreed device lifecycles

The University-wide IT Procurement Group has agreed to the following device lifecycles, regardless of whether they are supported or unsupported devices:

  1. PCs ➡ five years
  2. Laptops ➡ four years

For devices older than two years, we do not recommend that further hardware updates be made, including additional RAM/memory.

Work will continue to confirm the maximum lifecycle for other devices (e.g. mobile phones etc).