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What does it have to do with me?

Information security is often treated solely as a technology issue, when it is actually the combination of people, processes and technology that make it a business and governance challenge. This involves:

Unfortunately, even if we have the best technology in place, it will only reduce and not eliminate the opportunities for our information security to be penetrated.

Our systems can be compromised by any staff or student member if, for example, they accidentally click on a malicious link and download a virus, they have an insecure password, or they become the victim of a social engineering attempt.

Therefore, it is imperative that everyone has the knowledge and awareness to help ensure that information is handled appropriately. 

Information Security is everyone's responsibility

Human error is consistently the primary cause of information security incidents. It is quite often a lack of awareness and training that leads to innocent mistakes which can disclose sensitive data and expose us to malware attacks.

Although the University has a number of roles in which information security forms an element of responsibility, as an individual working or learning within the institution, you are often the first line of defence protecting valuable information from attackers.

People are the first target for attackers and there is no technological protection, even though our technology-based protections have improved, against social engineering attacks aimed at users - like you.

UoD IT is working on providing a key resource to help you be aware of the risks you face when dealing with University data.

If you are dealing with personal data and need more information on information security, please contact the University's Data Protection Officer or the IT Service Desk.