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"By creating we think, by living we learn" Patrick Geddes

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Guides on information security practices are freely available on the internet. We have compiled a list of useful resources to support you to be secure online.



Graham Cluley is an independent security analyst. He regularly makes media appearances and gives presentations on the topic of computer security and online privacy. - Twitter @cluley

Naked Security is the award winning security news from Sophos.

Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist, called a "security guru" by The Economist.  His blog "Schneier on Security" is read by over 250,000 people. - Twitter @schneierblog

Brian Krebs worked as a reporter for The Washington Post from 1995 to 2009, authoring more than 1,300 blog posts for the Security Fix blog. - Twitter @briankrebs

The Microsoft Cyber Trust blog provides in-depth discussions on topics that frequently accrue to trust in technology.  It includes timely news, trends, analysis, practical guidance and tools. - Twitter @msftsecurity

Threatpost is the Kaspersky Lab Security News Service. - Twitter @threatpost

Javvad Malik is a London-based information security professional, author, speaker and film-maker. - Twitter @J4vv4D

The Stay Safe Online blog is powered by the US National Cyber Security Alliance with a mission to educate and therefore empower a digital society to use the Internet safely and securely at home, work, and school. - Twitter @StaySafeOnline