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Information Security

The digital economy impacts the lives us all, whether we rely on the internet for banking, shopping, learning or to communicate with friends and family.

The advances in technology have allowed us to make great strides in research, improving the communities in which we live and work.

As technology continues to make advances, our lives become easier and more connected. However, being constantly connected brings increased risks such as of identity theft, fraud, and oversharing of data.

What is Information Security?                        

Information is a critical asset to our University. Much of any organisation’s value is based on its information including:

The goal of information security is to support the organisation’s business objectives while maintaining an appropriate level of security.

To achieve this, we must securely enable our work of education and research, whilst appropriately protecting information with due regard to regulation, legislation, governance and commercialisation.

Information security policies and procedures help enable the University to satisfy its legal, regulatory, contractual and ethical responsibilities with regard to the information it holds and processes.

We also rely on appropriate technology controls as a safeguard to prevent misuse and the exposure of our information assets, whilst limiting accidental damage. When consistently applied across the University, these policies and procedures provide information assurance, and, protect information assets and critical business processes from a range of threats to ensure business continuity.

How does Information Security affect me? 

Information security, cyber security and cyber resilience are everyone’s responsibility and we aim to enable our UoD students and staff to understand their responsibilities.

These webpages aim to help everyone engage and learn, so that together, we can effectively enhance cyber and information security, both at a personal and organisational level.

As threats to our security seem to be increasing daily, information security, cybersecurity and cyber resilience become ever more important.

More information can be found in the My Responsibilities page.