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Secure mobile working

The University is delivering a new security app (Company Portal) to staff who use mobile devices to access work information.


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Enrolment Guide (PDF)

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Enrolment Guide (PDF)

Access UoD information and email via phone or tablet?

The Company Portal App gives you a way to make sure that University information is safe and secure when you use your mobile devices. By installing the App your device will meet recommended security standards, giving you the assurance that should your device be lost or stolen it is unlikely that any of your or the University’s information is accessible by others.

  • The app is required for any corporate (University-provided) devices that you use.
  • If you would like to use your own devices for University work ensure that you do so securely by installing the Company Portal App.

What will the app do?

The app confirms whether your mobile device has a four-digit pin (minimum) in place and encryption enabled. If either is absent, you are prompted to enforce the missing element. Once passed, your mobile device compliance is reported to the University.

Take control if your device is lost or stolen

With the app, the online Self-Manage Portal becomes available to you. This allows you to self-reset/restore your device back to factory settings, preventing unknown users accessing any of your or the University’s data that may have been stored.  

Uninstall your personal device

Uninstall the Company Portal by simply accessing the self-manage portal or in the app and removing your device.  After removing, you may wish to delete the app from your device. Without the app, you will be restricted to accessing your work email and calendar via Office 365 in your web browser. If you access information this way you must not in any circumstances download or store data (including email attachments) on your devices.

Company Portal App

 Privacy and work life balance 

 Information security

  • This service will safeguard data in circulation via tools like email.
  • The app will ensure you meet the best practice minimum security requirements outlined in the University's Encryption Policy.
  • Read the University's new Personal Mobile Device Policy. 
  • Following an approval process, the University can only wipe a device either at your request or in extremely rare situations where the loss of the device represents a significant risk to you or the University. 

Project details

This service is being implemented by the Information Governance Office and UoD IT. The app will be delivered in a phased manner outlined in this document.

Please note, you can take advantage of this service and install the app early (before the date assigned to your group) should you wish to. 

Unsupported devices

If you need any assistance, please log a call through the UoD IT Help4U service.