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Long and strong is our policy!

Many have asked us why your password has to be a minimum of 14 characters - it's because your security is paramount to us! Having such a lengthy password makes you less vulnerable to cyber-attacks and keeps your data safer.

If we take the full set of allowed printable characters, you can see the difference in possible combinations between an 8 and 14 character password.
Character sets used in passwordPossible combinations (00,000)
Dictionary words (in English) 6
Numbers only 1000,000,000,000,000
Single case Alpha set only 645,099,747,032,972
Full Alphabet set 10,569,314,255,388,200,000
Full Alpha + Number set 124,017,694,346,575,000,000
Full printable characters set 5,233,476,330,273,610,000,000

That means for: 8 Characters there are 645 trillion combinations; 14 Characters there are 523 trillion combinations.

Rule of thumb: The more characters your password has the more potential combinations of characters exist for that string, and the harder your password is to crack by hacker tools.

If we assume a computer can generate 1 billion passwords per second, then the time taken to generate all possible combinations for a 14 character password is around 16 billion years. 

Tips for your password

Security tool: LastPass

1. Never share your password with anyone
2. Change your password frequently
3. Don't use terms in your password like your date of
birth - especially if you've listed it on your social profile!
4. Use a memorable passphrase known only to yourself.

LastPass allows you to store all your passwords in an online encrypted vault so there's no need to log in to multiple accounts (e.g. Email, MyDundee, Box) each day. Remember one master password only and even add an extra layer of security called two- factor authentication!