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Manufacturer: Thomson ISI ResearchSoft,
Category: Bibliographic and reference manager program.


Product description

EndNote offers features such as the ability to search online bibliographic databases, organise references and images, and create instant bibliographies. The latest version of EndNote also allows users to connect to more data sources worldwide and share customised libraries with other users more easily.

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Licence description

EndNote (Version X2) is currently delivered through the Student Desktop in all UoD IT Suites and to some University staff. This program can also be used, by staff or students, through an educational site licence.

Basis of use

This software can only be used on Student Desktop or Staff Desktop PCs or on any other PC or Mac owned by the University.


Endnote can be installed on a Managed Desktop PC by visiting Apps on Demand and installing EndNote from the Supportive Software folder.  

Otherwise, contact your departmental IT support staff who will install it for you on your University machine. There is no restriction on how many machines this software can be installed on. The only restriction is that this can only be installed on computers owned by the University.

Personal Use

To use EndNote on your own computer you must purchase a personal licence from Endnote via your Department. This can be done on-line via the Endnote website.

Distance learning students and those working off-campus can set up a free account to use EndNote Web through our subscription to ISI Web of Knowledge.

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Further Information

More information may be found at the following sites: -

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