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Get connected on campus 
UoD students and staff

Wifi is available across all campuses and gives you full access to what you need. This page explains how to connect your things and get online fast.

New network instructions 
Not sure which areas are on the new network? Visit the blog



Mac OS X 


Are you using an unmanaged computer to connect to the University's wired network? Follow the instructions to the left.

Take no action if using a managed device (e.g. Staff Desktop). 

Can't connect on your managed Mac after changing your password?
Follow the instructions to resolve




Mac OS X
Apple iOS
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10




View the guides to the left to connect your PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone to the University's superfast eduroam wifi.

Visiting another University? If it's an eduroam participating institution you can connect to it there too!

Staff member using a managed computer? You simply need to authenticate when prompted. The format for all eduroam authentications is (full username; email address without the dots). If connecting to eduroam at another institution, you will receive a pop-up window - simply click connect and authenticate when asked. 


Working or studying somewhere that's still on the old network?
Follow the guidance below instead.

View these guides to get your PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone connected to UoD_WiFi



            - Windows 7 
Windows 8





                - Mac OS X 


            General info to connect mobile devices

          *Your device has to support WPA2 Enterprise PEAP MS-CHAP2 authentication

             - When asked for your username (e.g. jbloggs) and password enter your UoD credentials

         Make sure your settings are as follows 
            - Network Authentication Type: WPA2 Enterprise
            - Data Encryption Method: AES
            - EAP Authentication Type/Other Authentication Protocol: PEAP or PEAPv0
            - Authentication Method/Authentication Protocol/Inner Authentication Protocol: MS-CHAPv2
            - Server Authentication: You should validate the server certificate, AddTrust External CA Root
            - 802.1X: Automatic 

Or connect your PC, laptop or office telephone to the wired network using the computer point and (ethernet) cable at your campus location.

Visiting another University/College?
Get free internet access when you get there if it's an eduroam participating institution. Connect to 
eduroam wifi using your full UoD username (e.g. and password.
> How to connect to eduroam when visiting elsewhere

Need help? 
Please contact the 
UoD IT Service Desk. If we're doing work on the network or are made aware of issues related to it, we'll update you on IT Status.

Terms of use 
Please read the 
University's Acceptable Use Policies before using this service.