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Get connected in accommodation

Wifi is available in all University accommodation. This page explains how to connect your things and get online fast.

View our guides to get your PC, laptop, tablet and mobile phone connected to eduroam wifi. Visiting another University? If it's an eduroam participating institution you can connect to it there too!



            - Windows 7 
Windows 8 
            - Windows 10





                - Mac OS X 
Apple iOS




                - Chromebook 
                - Blackberry


            Wireless printers

            Streaming icon‌ Gaming and streaming devices   

           Follow the instructions in our guides to connect things like your wireless printer, Xbox                                360/One, PS3/4, Apple TV or Google Chromecast to StudentResidences wifi.

               Instructions to connect your device

               How to find your MAC address

         > Register device here

Or connect your PC or laptop to the wired network using the computer point and (ethernet) cable in
your room. We've put together  
  Windows and   Mac OS X  guides to help you do this. Wired connections are not currently offered in Kirkcaldy student accommodation.

Got visitors that need to connect?
If your friend is visiting from another eduroam participating institution they can connect to eduroam wifi using their home University credentials. If they're not, then they should connect to _TheCloud wifi.

Need help? 
Please contact the 
UoD IT Service Desk. If we're doing work on the accommodation network or are made aware of issues related to it, we'll update you on IT Status.

Terms of use 
Please read the 
University's Acceptable Use Policies before using this service.