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File Store, Sync and Share Service

The University of Dundee's File Store, Sync and Share Service is provided by Box - we have 14,000+ users to date!

Box Quick Start - 5 Skills to Get Started Fast

‌‌‌We recommend that you watch the video above to help you get started. Once you have logged into Box, check out these extra resources which are found in the 'Welcome to Box' folder (you can go back to these resources again if you wish):

Benefits of this service


The University supports a number of file storage services with each service providing certain benefits.

Note: When using Box you have a responsibility to ensure that the information you store is compliant with the University's Data Protection policy. 

Learn More

Read more about this service and discover ways it can help you.


Login to Box

At a glance

Files Size and Storage

  • Unlimited storage (upload limit of 1TB per month)
  • Sharing large file (up to 15GB per file)


Current students and staff have access by default.

Getting Help

Read our FAQs or submit a request to the IT Service Desk.

Security and your compliance

Users must adhere to Custom Terms of Service. Users are asked to actively consent to the UoD Box usage policy before using the service.

More information on Security and Your Compliance

Collaborating externally

You can both invite external collaborators and accept invites from UoD users to join Box.


Box have a 'Beta' version of their service to support people with disabilities: Accessible version of Box.

More information on Box accessibility.

Use Cases & Videos

We have a wide variety of users who utilise this service: read some of our use cases, watch some of our videos or check out the Box Newsletter.

Help & FAQs

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