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Mobile Devices and email

How to synchronize your email account with your mobile phone or tablet

Download the Outlook app on your iOS, Android or Windows device. Alternatively, you can use the Office 365 mobile setup help to get instruction for your mobile phone or tablet.

Use your University username followed by the domain (e.g. and password to login in.

Please note: Staff who handle sensitive information must not download email to personal mobile phones or tablets.  Staff handling sensitive data should only download email to secure University owned mobile phones and tablets.

How to make a University mobile device secure

A mobile device can be made secure by automatic screen locking, malware protection and encryption. 

Staff members wishing to access their work email via an app on their smartphone or tablet are subject to the Secure Mobile Working service. This prevents email flowing to your device unless you have installed and configured the 'Company Portal' security app and ensures you meet the best practice minimum security requirements outlined in the University's Encryption Policy.

If a mobile device is lost or stolen and email information has been stored on it, it can be:

More information can be found on the Protect Yourself page.

How to open a Shared Mailbox on a mobile device

This feature is not currently available.